Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dragonball Z Revival Of F: Leaked Footage Of SSG Goku & Vegeta VS Golden Form Freeza

A fan has released a video leak from the new Dragonball Z movie, Dragonball Z Revival Of F, featuring some fight scenes of SSG Goku and Vegeta against Freeza's ultimate form. Beware! Spoilers ahead! It's up to you readers if you don't want to get spoiled.

Friday, April 17, 2015

S.H. FiguArts Injustice Superman Official Images

With the teaser trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice coming in just a few days, the Premium Bandai site has released the official images for the S.H, FiguArts Injustice Superman.

This power mad version of Superman from the hit fighting game stands at 160mm and and will be a Premium Bandai exclusive figure. Release date for the angry version of the last son of Krypton is July 2015 and will come with a price tag of 6,264 yen.

For now, let's enjoy the teaser trailer for the movie!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Detail Of Heroes: Kamen Rider Drive Type Dead Heat, Type Formula & Kamen Rider Chaser

Check-out this new Detail Of Heroes scans featuring Kamen Rider Drive Type Dead HeatType Formula and a more decent scan of Kamen Rider Chaser. Highly recommended for toku cosplay fans who are looking for a Kamen Rider to cosplay.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Next Generation Patlabor: Capital City Battle Trailer

The new trailer for the upcoming live adaptation movie of Patlabor entitled Next Generation Patlabor: Capital City Battle is now online and ready for public viewing!

The movie's trailer also features the song "Lose Control" performed by Ayaka which will be also added to her new album Rainbow Road which will be released in japan this April 15. The movie is slated to be released in japanese cinemas on May 1st.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

DX Signal Axe Official Images

April has come and surely, Kamen Rider Drive fans knows that Kamen Rider Chaser will debut this month so let's take a quick look at the official images of his main weapon, the DX Signal Axe.

Also included in the set is the Signal Chaser Signal Bike which is compatible on the DX Mach Driver that will activate Kamen Rider Chaser's transformation sound. Release date is this month, April 2015. You can get yours at Amazon for 4,078 yen.