Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oil and Gas Jobs (Oct 2012)

Degree in Engineering
Min 5 Years experience in O&G industry with at least 2 years in contract administration.
Degree in Engineering
Min 5 years experience in O&G industry with at least 2 years in project coordination of construction work.
Document Controller Coordinator
Diploma Holder
Min 5 years in project technical information management assignments
Experience in O&G industry related client and engineering project group
Knowledge in control of Hard/electronic document control and information management system.
Experience in implementing information management systems organization/systems.
Understanding of information and documentation of project requirements across project phases.
Procurement Coordinator
Min Diploma
Min 5 years in O&G procurement experiences
Familiar with Material Procurement and expediting
Familiar with procurement tracking and monitoring tools
Able to oversee and monitor purchasing and logistic activities including tracking/monitoring key equipment and material movement.
Materials Coordinator
Min Qualification SPM
Min 5 years experience in O&G construction
Min 8 years working experience for Materials man to be supplied for drilling operation
Familiar with SAP
Have experience in inventory management and equipment movement tracking.
Quantity Surveyor/Quality
Degree in Surveying
Min 5 years experience in O&G industry surveying

Interested may sent your application to or

Oil and Gas Jobs - Planner

Available positions now:

Qualification --> Minimum a certificate in Engineering with more than 4 years experiences in oil/gas or petrochemical industry with at least 2 TA experiences as static planner OR at least six (6) years experience in maintenance/project/TA in oil/gas and petrochemical industry as a Static /Rotating/Electrical/Instrument planner. 

Submit CV & Expected salary to

Saturday, September 22, 2012

SapuraKencana Awaits Delivery of Seven New Vessels

SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd (SapuraKencana) is set to be propelled into the pool of top offshore services providers in the world as it anticipates seven new vessels to be delivered within the next two years.

According to HwangDBS Vickers Research Sdn Bhd (HwangDBS Vickers) analyst, Quah He Wei, “We expect positive news flow for the company as it will be busy tendering for Petronas jobs in the coming few months.

“Contracts in the pipeline include Pan Malaysia hook-up commissioning jobs worth RM10 billion, inspection, repair and maintenance contracts worth RM800 million and fabrication projects worth more than RM3 billion.”

The analyst noted that all of the services were offered under SapuraKencana’s established integrated operations.

Quah also stated that the award of marginal fields contracts at Tembikai and Cenang, expected to be by the fourth quarter of 2012 could be a catalyst for the company. SapuraKencana has, year-to-date, secured RM3 billion new orders, thereby meeting the research house’s financial year 2013 (FY13) forecast.

“The full year impact of marginal field contribution in FY14 will be its immediate growth driver. The seven new vessels to be delivered within the next two years will expand SapuraKencana’s geographical coverage,” said Quah as he predicted the enlarged fleet would turn the company into one of the top offshore services providers in the world.

Being the only integrated oil and gas (O&G) player in Malaysia that offers full spectrum of services across the industry value chain, coupled with its solid partnerships with global players such as Seadrill, Subsea7 and L&T, SapuraKencana is believed to be the top contender to bag major contracts.
“Its maiden foray into Brazil with its US$1.4 billion pipelay vessel charter contracted secured in November marks the beginning of its aggressive global expansion,” said the HwangDBS Vickers analyst.

Quah believed that should long-time partner, Seadrill’s initial public offering plan materialised, SapuraKencana’s Brazilian venture could be a catalyst as the 50:50 joint venture might be injected into the listed entity.

The analyst was positive on the resilient earnings that the O&G company derived from long-term drilling and installation contracts. This was believed to make SapuraKencana less susceptible to oil price volatility.

“Given its unrivalled ownership of quality assets, SapuraKencana is poised to be the leading O&G player, not only in Malaysia, but also in the region, going forward,” he explained.

As such, he went on to cut FY13 forecasted earnings by 21 per cent after stripping out Kencana’s fabrication contribution for January to May 2012 as the merger was completed in late May. Quah pegged target price of RM2.70 per share for the company implying 15 per cent upside potential.

“SapuraKencana remains the cheapest large-cap O&G stock in Malaysia at 16 times FY14 earnings per share, despite boasting the largest RM14.3 billion orderbook and unrivalled integrated services under its belt,” he added.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oil and Gas Jobs - Construction Supervisor

ExxonMobil is looking for 19 Construction Supervisor for various location and the requirement is as below

Position - Construction Supervisor
Qualification - Certificate or Diploma in Engineering
Experience - Minimum of 8 years experience in the fabrication of oil/gas facilities, modules, chemical plants construction 
Job Function 
- Agreement Administration and coordinate activities with Contractors
- Able to work from construction drawing specification
- Monitor work progress, quality and safety
- Planning, scheduling and cost estimating
- Knowledge in construction technique covering the fabrication, commissioning of piping, electrical and instrument systems, inclusive of associated engineering 
- Knowledge in welding engineering, non destructive testing technique, stress relieving corrosion protection and material standards
- Knowledge of inherit danger of working in hazardous location

Person also shall be familiar with American Standards for pressure piping, pressure vessel, structural, electrical, instrument machinery installation and local regulatory requirements.

Please forward your updated CV to with your updated CV plus notice period and also current/expected salary


Sallehuddin Omar

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oil and Gas Jobs With PMT (Sep 2012)

Just for your info. If interested, please contact directly to Mr. ArifSaha (019-6752178/016-2152214) or Mr. Omar Hadi (012-7774076)

Raga Urus Sdn Bhd seeking potential candidates which at least 5- 10 years experience in oil and gas Project Management Team (PMT)
a) Manager
b) Engineers (all discipline)
c) Superintendent
d) Coordinator
e) Supervisor
f) Technician
g) Others position in PMT

If interested, please forward CV stated expectation salary and availability to
Best Regards ,


H/P NO: 019-6752178/016-2152214

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gumusut Deepwater Oilfield Starts to Pump Oil

Malaysia has started pumping oil from the Gumusut deepwater oilfield offshore Sabah, with an initial output of 10,000 barrels per day (bpd), sources familiar with the matter said.
Gumusut, operated by Royal Dutch Shell and discovered in March 2004, is expected help Malaysia reverse its declining output and boost the country’s oil revenue, but its start up has been dogged by construction delays.
Crude output at Gumusut, located off the eastern state of Sabah in Block J, was expected to reach 25,000 bpd by the end of this year, said the sources, who declined to be identified due to company policy on speaking to the media.
Gumusut would be blended with Kikeh for sale in Asia as its output was currently tied to Kikeh’s production platform in neighbouring Block K, they said.
This could change Kikeh’s crude quality, one source said. Murphy Oil operates the 120,000 bpd Kikeh field. Gumusut production will reach the full 135,000 bpd in 2013-2014, put back from 2011, as construction of the floating production facility for the field has taken longer than expected.

Crude exports directly from the Gumusut field would also depend on when the new terminal at Kimanis, Sabah, was completed, the sources said.
Shell and ConocoPhillips each has a 33% stake in the project. Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) holds 20% and Murphy Oil 14%. Shell and Petronas did not reply to e-mails seeking comment.
Malaysia’s crude output slipped in 2011 to below 600,000 bpd for the first time in at least 10 years, data from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy showed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oil and Gas Jobs - Project Engineer

Dear all,
We currently looking for project engineer (maintenance project) , will be base in Miri, Sarawak. with Degree in Engineering; registered with Board of Engineers Malaysia. Minimum of 8 years working experience in Oil & Gas.
Shall have experience in at least 3 of following environments ;-
i. Detailed Design management
ii. Project Planning and Costing
iii. Contract Management
iv. Offshore Execution
Knowledge of SAP or equivalent ERP application is preferable.
Knowledge of HSE.

Material Expeditor - based in Miri,Sarawak. Minimum SPM or equivalent. Minimum 15 years in upstream Oil & Gas industries with at least 8 years experience as Material Expeditor.
Interest applicants, please submit your resume to as soon as possible. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dayang Expected to Obtain More Jobs Worth RM7 Billion

Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd (Dayang) is expected to obtain more brownfield service tenders worth RM7 billion, as most of the existing projects in the field are due for renewal this year.

The company’s current order book stood at some RM1.2 billion and this would last until 2016, OSK Research Sdn Bhd (OSK Research) pointed out in its research report.

“Dayang’s first half of financial year 2012 (1HFY12) net profit came in within our consensus and expectations, with annualised net profit accounting for 49.3 per cent of our and 49.9 per cent of consensus full year estimates,” the research house commented on its recently announced result.

The company recorded an improvement in both its revenue and net profit, underpinned by a higher utilisation rate and additional revenue from the charter of its new workboat Dayang Topaz.
“There is also an increase in its marine charter business, which commands a higher profit margin. EBIT margins in 1HFY12 remained stable compared with 1HFY11 probably due to the company’s improvement in project delivery,” it added.

In tandem with the release of its results, Dayang also declared a first interim dividend of five sen, representing 50 per cent of OSK Research’s full year dividend forecast of 10 sen, which was based on its assumption of a 58 per cent payout ratio.

“The company recently published its annual report for 2011 so we are taking the opportunity to updat eour FY11 numbers retrospectively to reflect the changes,” said the research firm.

“While we make no adjustments to our earnings estimates, we are revising our fair value upwards to RM2.75 per share as wel roll over valuations to FY13,” it stated. The fair value was based on Dayang’s price earnings of 13 times FY13 earnings per share.

OSK Research continued to favour Dayang’s solid business model, which provided the company with recurring income and a constant cash flow.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Production, Mechanical and Electrical Technician Jobs

Dear All,

Currently we have 7 vacancies to be fill-up for MOPU Cendor. Pls find the details as follows :

Position :
1-      Production Technician – 5 vacancies
2-      Mechanical Technician – 1 position
3-      Electrical Technician – 1 position

Status :
1 + 1 contract under manpower agency

Nationality :
Should you need further clarifications please don't hesitate to contact

Zurina Hj Mahat 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why Aircraft Electrical Systems Operate at 400 Hz Frequency

As aircraft fly higher, faster and grow larger, the services that the power supply has to satisfy also grow more complex. In civil aircraft this means more power to the galley units, environmental control and passenger entertainment systems, while military aircraft require more power sensors and weapon systems. Both have increased power demands for actuators, lighting systems, avionics and heating.

There are several different power sources on aircraft to power the aircraft electrical systems. These power sources include: engine driven AC generators, auxiliary power units (APUs), external power and ram air turbines. 

The primary function of an aircraft electrical system is to generate, regulate and distribute electrical power throughout the aircraft. The aircraft electrical power system is used to operate (a) aircraft flight instruments, (b) essential systems such as anti-icing etc. and (c) passenger services. Essential power is power that the aircraft needs to be able to continue safe operation. Passenger services power is the power that is used for cabin lighting, operation of entertainment systems and preparation of food. 

Aircraft electrical components operate on many different voltages both AC and DC. However, most of the aircraft systems use 115 volts (V) AC at 400 hertz (Hz) or 28 volts DC. 26 volts AC is also used in some aircraft for lighting purposes. DC power is generally provided by “self-exciting” generators containing electromagnetics, where the power is generated by a commutator which regulates the output voltage of  28 volts DC. AC power, normally at a phase voltage of 115 V, is generated by an alternator, generally in a three-phase system and at a frequency of 400 Hz

Higher than usual frequencies, such as 400 Hz, offer several advantages over 60 Hz – notably in allowing smaller, lighter power supplies to be used for military hardware, commercial aircraft operations and computer applications. As aircraft space is at a premium and weight is critical to aircraft engine thrust and fuel burn (and thus the aircraft range and engine horsepower per pound), 115 volts at 400 Hz offers a distinct advantage and is much better than the usual 60 Hz used in utility power generation.

This is how it work:-

EMF = 4*Φ*T*f

f = ((P*N)/120)

EMF = electromagnetic force (volts)
Φ = flux per pole (Webers)
T = number or coils per phase

f = frequency (Hz)
P = number of magnetic poles
N = rotor speed (rpm)

first, take a look at f = ((P*N)/120)

Imagine that as N increases, frequency increases in proportion.

60Hz = (1800RPM * 4poles)/120 <--normal supply
400Hz = (24000RPM * 2poles)/120 <--aircraft 400 Hz (see how 12000 RPM and 4 poles, or 6000RPM and 8 poles can be interchanged)

now look at EMF = 4*Φ*T*f

since f is higher than say, household current, T and Φ can be reduced in proportion to create the same amount of voltage. That translates to less weight with reduced armature and stator size. Since we have a good source of high rotational speed in the aircraft we can keep f high, and reduce the number of coils and keep the size of the stator down (less magnetic field, and less flux. [Imagine each pole being a big heavy piece of iron with wire wrapped around it]

However, higher frequencies are also more sensitive to voltage drop problems. There are two types of drops: resistive and reactive. Resistive losses are a function of current flowing through a conductor with respect to the length and size of the conductor.  This is the most important factor in controlling resistive power loss and applies regardless of frequency. The short transmission range of higher frequencies is not a factor in most airborne applications.  

Reactive drops, on the other hand, are caused by the inductive properties of the conductor. Reactive drops are a function of both cable length and the AC frequency flowing through the conductor. With high frequencies such as 400 Hz, reactive drops are up to seven times greater at 60 Hz.

This raises an interesting question: can you run a 400 Hz device at 60 Hz.? If you try this, smoke and fire are certain to result. The lower winding inductance draws a much higher current at a set voltage, saturates the iron, and burns up. However, there is a simple workaround using fundamental principles of flux density. A 400 Hz device will usually run just fine on 60 Hz if you lower the voltage to 60/400ths or 0.15. The same current will produce the same magnetic flux, and the device will operate happily.

Aspi Rustom Wadia, Ph.D.
Compressor, Turbine Aerodynamics & Operability
General Electric Aircraft Engines
One Neumann Way - Mail Drop:  A411
Cincinnati, Ohio 45215-6301
Phone:  (513) 243-3504  Dial*Comm:  8*332-3504
Fax:   (513) 243-3254     Dial*Comm:  8*332-3254

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Onshore Jobs (Sept 2012)

Available vacancies for BCOT project.

Safety Supervisor - 2 pax
PTW - 2 pax
Work leader - 2 pax
Mechanical foreman - 2 pax
Helper - 8 pax
Fire watcher - 2 pax
Skill worker (waste handling) - 2 pax
Electrical technician - 1 pax

Project: Waste water treatment, BCOT Bintulu Sarawak
Duration: 10 days
Working hours: 24 hrs ( 2 groups ) * Each group = 12 hrs
Payment type: Plant rate

NIOSH (OGSP) is mandatory.

Project will be started early October 2012. Due date for submitting CV/Resume is on/before 6th September 2012. Please sent your CV/Resume to

Field Engineer (Technical Support)
Phone: +60 3 42700422
Fax: +60 3 42786818
Mobile: +60 19 3112078 / +60 17 2984949

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oil and Gas Jobs - Service Engineer (Electrical)

INEAX (Integrated Network Electrical Automation) is a 100% Malaysian based identity that has been providing world class controls and electrical solutions since 2002. We focus primarily in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries, representing world class brands. We are also a Petronas licensed company involving in local and overseas activities. In line with our expansion plans, we invite suitably qualified individuals to apply for the following position:-


  • Develops project objectives by reviewing project proposals and plans, conferring with management.
  • Determines project responsibilities by identifying project phase and elements; assigning personnel to phases and elements; reviewing bids from contractors.
  • Head project meeting to collect and disseminate information pertaining to projects.
  • Technical specificaton review and resolution.
  • Determines project specifications by studying product design, customer requirements and performance standards; completing technical studies.
  • Confirms product performance by designing and conducting tests.
  • Maintains project schedule by monitoring project progress; coordinationg activities; resolving problems.
  • Prepares project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends; recommending actions.
  • Maintain product and company reputation by complying with federal and state regulations.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Coordinate the collection and dissemination of technical information between/within the company and customer.
  • Schedule and monitor program activity to achieve an "on-time" result including follow up with external suppliers to ensure time response to action items.
  • Selects and recommedns procedures or development of methods.
  • Assignments involve activities requiring knowledge of standard principles and techniques.
  • Directs and supervises other engineering activities.
  • Prepare design, drawing plans and specifications for projects, engineered systems, technical equipment or components (added advantage).
  • Assist in client contact and communication pertaining to specific projects.
  • Assists in the preparation or modification of reports, specifications, plans, construction schedules, enviromental impact studies, permits and designs for project.
  • Review and monitors poject project to assure quality adherence to requirements of contract documents. 

  • Candidate must possess a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering or Electrical Engineering
  • Required language (s): Bahasa Malaysia, English.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Applicants should be team player with good interpersonal & communication skils.
  • At least 2 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Preferably Senior Executives specializing in Engineering - Oil/Gas or equivalent.
  • Good sense of safety and security.
 Please sent your CV/Resume to

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oil and Gas Jobs for BCOT Project

URGENT! We are from Oilgon Solutions Sdn Bhd looking for manpower who are interested & qualified for waste water treatment project at BCOT, Bintulu, Sarawak. Those who want to apply, must have NIOSH OGSP. Send CV to my email ( Thank you.

Safety supervisor - 2 pax
PTW - 2 pax
Work leader - 2 pax
Mechanical foreman - 2 pax
Fire watcher - 2 pax
Helper - 8 pax
Skill worker (waste handling) - 2 pax


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oil and Gas Jobs - Material Expeditor

Dear All,

URGENT Job vacancy for post Material Expeditor- Lutong, Sarawak
(Contract Duration : 24 Months)

-Min SPM
-Min 15 yrs experience in Oil & Gas industry
-MIn 8 yrs experience as Material Expeditor
-Good written & spoken skills in English language

If interest, please sent email to