Monday, March 12, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 26 SUB

Yes its monday and the new Kamen Rider Fourze episode 26 with sub is out. It is just the continuation of episode 25 where the senior is graduating and what a suprise Miu want Gentaro Kisaragi (kamen rider Fourze) to the prom night even though Shun is trying his best to ask Miu as a date at the prom night.

Shun wants Miu to go to prom with him, however she wants Gentaro to dance with her. JK was forced to go onto the Power Dizer, somehow his reckless attacks managed to damage the Zodiarts, but Cancer escaped.

Nevertheless Kengo praised JK for his actions. Fourze undo his transformation and sees Shun walking away quietly...

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