Monday, April 16, 2012

Sergeant Keroro Cosplays as Sadako to Promote “Sadako 3D”

Next Month Sadako 3D the spin off from the horror movie The Ring will be out. So the production is going all out for the promotion. Sergeant Keroro a famous character is cosplaying as Sadako and pose The Ring famous scene.

Called “Keroro Sadako,” it depicts Sgt. Keroro crawling out of the TV screen and a well. Both of them are popular scenes from the film. The merchandise will be offered at Japanese theaters when the movie opens in May 12th.

In “Sadako 3D,” mysterious deaths have been rampant as a result of watching a live broadcast of a suicide uploaded on a video sharing site. The distribution of the video clip later leads to the resurrection of the quasi-oceanic demigod Sadako.

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