Sunday, November 30, 2014

Godzilla PS3 Game: Classic & New Godzilla In Rampaging Action

Check-out this new Godzilla PS3 Game demo videos featuring the king of monsters having fun in his classic and 2014 look!

The game mechanics is simple: players will take on the role of the king of monster. Godzilla can absorb energy by wrecking havoc on Tokyo, destroying buildings with Godzilla's iconic attacks such as his signature breath attack. And as the players complete missions, Godzilla will increase size and physical strength (Godzilla starts at 50 meters 164 feet and can grow to double that size). Players also gain points when Godzilla destroys cities, but the resistance from human military forces becomes more difficult as the battle goes on.

Beside's all of Godzilla's alien and monster rivals, the game will also feature mechas and vehicles such as Type 92 Maser tanks, Super X 2, Super X III, Super Mecha Godzilla, and MFS-3 and an early unlock code for the Hollywood version of Godzilla that was seen in the 2014 movie.

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