Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kamen Rider Drive: New Kamen Rider Chaser Scans

April, the most anticipated month for Kamen Rider Drive, is almost a few days away and some new magazine scans featuring the reformed Roidmude hitman who will transform into Kamen Rider Chaser has surfaced online.

Gaining access to a Mach Driver, Chase, also known as Proto-Drive and later, Machine Chaser, will transform Kamen Rider Chaser. His suit is white in color with some black and gold trimmings and his wheel is located on his back. Plus, he can still use the Brake Gunner in this form and will still drive the Ride Chaser. Later, Chaser will have access to a new vehicle called theRidebooster Blue.

Besides the Brake Gunner, Kamen Rider Chaser's main weapon is the Signal Axe, a giant axe that looks like a pedestrian traffic light.

Will Kamen Rider Chaser be a hero of justice and join Drive and Mach in their battle against the Roidmudes? Or will he work on his own? Let's find out next month!

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