Sunday, February 8, 2015

DX Bison King, DX Surfermaru & King Shurikenjin Revealed

This day keeps getting better and better by the hour as a couple of new scans featuring the main mecha for the 6th Ninninger member, Starninger, has surfaced online! And again and again, THAT WAS FAST!

First off is the main mecha for Starninger, the DX Shuriken Gattai Bison king. The mecha is composed of an ATV/beach buggy looking like vehicle, the Bison Buggy and another humanoid mecha called the Rodeomaru. The two mecha will combine to form 1 giant robot, Bison King. It can also combine into Shuriken to form a towering mecha called King Shurikenjin.

And lastly, our new auxiliary mech, the DX Surfermaru that can also combine with Shurikenjin to form the Shurikenjin Surfer.

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