Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kamen Rider Drive: 3rd Quarter Catalog Feat. Type Formula & Type Tridoron News

The 3rd quarter toy catalog for the Kamen Rider Drive merchandise has surfaced online featuring Drives upcoming new forms and new vehicles.

According to the scans, the next form that Kamen Rider Drive will obtain after Type Formula is the Type Tridoron and will be accessed by Shift Tridoron and this is most likely Drive's ultimate form. In this new form, Drive can mix together three Tire abilities at a time to create a new ability called the Tire Mix-Up (Kakimazeru) This Tire Mix-Up ability can create up to seven different combinations.

Two new vehicles are coming to help Drive in his fight against the Roidmudes, the Ride Booster Red and Ride Booster Blue, go-kart type vehicles which Mach and Chaser will control and can also combine with Tridoron.

In the TK series news, TK 09 will be Type Formula, TK 10 will be Kamen Rider Chaser and TK 11 will be Type Tridoron.

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