Sunday, February 8, 2015

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger: Starninger Finally Revealed

YEEEEHAWWW!!! I'll say it again! Boy, that was fast! The series has not aired for now yet we now have our first official look for the 6th member of Ninninger that is somewhat a nod to the american ninja from Kakuranger:Starninger! And yes, we have another gold ranger in our midst.

Starninger will transform using his strange burger shape transformation device called the Ninja Star Burger, placing his golden shuriken that will act as a cheese for the burger (now ain't that American!) and his main weapon is an electric guitar shaped sword called the Star Sword Gun.

Also seen in the scan is a brief look of his main mecha, Rodeomaru, which can transform into Bison King and also combines with Shurikenjin to formKing Shurikenjin.

So what are your thoughts regarding this guy? Will he speak english like Jiraiya/Ninja Black and Shurikenger does? Will he be annoying? Only time will tell and your comments down below will lighten up this news.

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