Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kamen Rider Drive: Machine Chaser's New Evolution & Mach Driver's Henshin Phrase

A recent magazine scan has revealed that Machine Chaser will be evolving into a new form in April, next year. Plus, a scan that mentions the Mach Driver's henshin phrase.

Shown in the above scan is a silhouette of Machine Chaser's new evolved form that will be debuting next year in April. What will he look like? Will he become a heroic looking being? Will he be siding with Drive and Mach? 

And in this scan, we are given a more clear look on Mach's armor plus, next to that pic of Go is a text saying "Let's Henshin!". Will these be the Mach Driver's henshin phrase? Let's find out in the debut episode of Mach in 2 weeks.

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