Friday, December 26, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: New Scans Plus Info On Kamen Rider Idunn & Tyrant

Here are some new magazine scans featuring images from the upcoming Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden from V-Cinema plus some information regarding the Kureshima sibling's father and the new armored rider, Idunn and Tyrant.

Side Story Character Information

Amaki Kureshima (Minori Terada a.k.a. Ryubei Sonozaki of Kamen Rider W) - The father of Takatora and Mitsuzane Kureshima, a strict businessman and believer in Noblesse Oblige and the one who investigated Helheim.

Akatsuki Touka/Kamen Rider Idunn (Iwada Sayuri) - The maid of the Kureshima family. The only one who understands Takatora. Can cook well, but her best dish is Apple. She can control cracks at will.

Alfred/Kamen Rider tyrant (Gamon Kaai) - The butler of Shapool, a visiting ambassador who impersonates Kaito, tasked by Shapool's father to guide him. A man with a tight schedule who is trying to prevent Shapool from having fun. Wielder of the Dragon Fruit Energy Lock Seed.

The Mysterious Overlord Shapool - A mysterious kaijin who appears in the climax of the film. He uses overwhelming power against Baron.

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