Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kamen Rider Drive: More Mach Scans Plus Detailed Look For The Ride Macher And Ride Crosser

And just as we thought that the Terebi-Kun scans are done for the month, here are some new scans still focusing on Kamen Rider Mach plus a detailed look for The Ride Macher And Ride Crosser.

Kamen Rider Mach's superbike, the Ride Macher will later combine with Machine Chaser's superbike, the Ride Chaser to form the Ride Crosser to even up the odds against the Roidmudes!

And later on, the two riders will confront Machine chaser on a 2 against 1 battle. Question is: what will be the circumstance that Machine Chaser will join the 2 Riders? Will he go solo after Brain beats and brands him as a traitor? Let's find out in the coming episodes of Kamen Rider Drive.

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