Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kamen Rider Drive: New Kamen Rider Mach Scans

Before we see his debut in battle next week, here's are some new magazine scans focusing on the 2nd hero of the series that will assist Drive in his battle against the Roidmudes: Kamen Rider Mach!

Kamen Rider Mach's civilian identity is Gou Shijima, Kiriko's brother who started working as a freelance overseas photographer after he graduated high school. He uses the Mach Driver to transform into Kamen Rider Mach. He is armed with the Zenrin Shooter and instead of Shift Cars, he usesSignal Bikes.

Just like Drive who uses Tire Koukan Gimmicks, Mach uses Signal Bikes to change his fighting styles and abilities and instead of tires coming to his aid, the signals on his panels changes depending on the signal bikes that he uses.
  • Signal Kakusan - allows Mach to become Mach Kakusan and launch attacks in all directions and hit all his targets at once
  • Signal Kiken - allows Mach to become Mach Kiken and shoot a powerful attack with his Zenrin Shooter.
  • Signal Tomare allows Mach to become Mach Tomare.
  • Signal Magaru - allows Mach to become Mach Magaruand and shoot distorted beams.
And last but not the least, Drive will also have 2 new shift cars, the Road Winter and the Amazing Circus!

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