Monday, February 13, 2012

Gundam UC PlayStation 3 Game TVCM

If you a big fan of Gundam, you will know that it have a lot of versions, worlds but one remain the same its all about the war. Either its an Original Video Animation(OVA), movies or TV series the main plot will always be wars because of two or more species because of different believe. Personally i love Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

This is Mobile Suit Gundam UC game for PS3 and it will be be available in two versions; a Regular, and Limited Edition (comes with an extra Blu-Ray Disc and a novel).

The Mobile Suit Gundam UC game will cover the story from the first three anime volumes. Part of the game will follow the story from the viewpoint of the main character Banagher (Gundam Unicorn), while other parts will follow the story from the viewpoints of the rival characters Frontal (Sinanju) and Marida (Kshatriya).

Mobile Suit Gundam UC will be released on March 8th

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