Monday, February 20, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 23 SUB

Finally the latest Kamen Rider Fourze episode with sub is out. It will be the continuation from last episode where a new enemy emerge after it has been defeated. It kinda evolve. In this new episode a white Zodiarts claims that he is a hero of justice! This also marks Cancer Zodiarts' debut as a member of the Horoscopes.

A thief stole a bag from an Office Lady, but was suddenly stopped by a white heroic figure, calling himself, Cygnus. The next day, the whole school was talking about the mysterious hero of justice in white, Cygnus. Gentaro gets all flattered and misunderstood the rumors for him, being Fourze.

But soon, they discover that it was another person. Eguchi, who's the cosplay otaku tells Gentaro about Cygnus. Cygnus wants to use the power to help people who are in trouble. Gentaro's begun to admire him and wants to be a friend of justice with Cygnus.

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