Saturday, February 11, 2012


Remember the horror movie The Ring? The ghost that came out from a tv that might refresh a bit. So now the spin off from the movie Sadako 3D is coming soon. The Ring prove that a ghost movie doesn't need to have a scary face but a very good storyline. Even Hollywood made a remake of The Ring and put the scary part into Scary Movie.

This is some of Sadako 3D plot

Akane Ayukawa, who works as a teacher at an all-girls high school. One time, she heard a rumor about a video of a live broadcast of a suicide that was submitted to an online video site. Soon, one of her students dies in a mysterious death, and a series of similar deaths occurs in other areas.

It appears that the distribution of the video clip and the related resurrection of Sadako is the doing of one mysterious man played Yusuke Yamamoto (Kamen Rider Kabuto, Ouran High School Host Club), who has quite a following on the web. Details on how he found out about Sadako’s existence and why he’s trying to revive her remain mum for now.

Koji Seto plays the teacher's boyfriend, a web designer. The rest of the cast features Tsutomu Takahashi, Shota Sometani, Hikari Takara, and Ryosei Tayama. Sadako 3D is set to be released this May 12.

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