Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D 10-minute Trailer

Ten years ago, Kingdom Hearts was released to the world. It is a pretty famous game franchises because its a collaboration between Square's Enix and Disney's. You will notice the familiar faces of the character from both of them are in the game. Celebrating the 10th year of Kingdom Hearts Square Enix will be releasing a new installment entitled “Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]” this March.

The two playable characters are Sora and Riku, and control of both characters will rotate throughout the game.

Taking place after the events of Kingdom Hearts coded, and the present-day epilogue of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Sora and Riku are summoned by Mickey to go through Yen Sid's Mark of Mastery Exam in order for them to become full-fledged Keyblade Masters and counter the coming return of Master Xehanort.

Kingdom Hearts 3D will be released in three different versions: The US and Japanese editions and the exclusive Kingdom Hearts Nintendo 3DS. The Japanese version will be released on March 29th, while the US version on December 2012.

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