Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Piece Vol.64 — 4 Million Copies Printed

Who doesn't love One Piece. Everybody is catching up with this gang of pirate in their journey to the New World. Publishing company Shueisha revealed that four million copies of pirate manga One Piece Volume 65: “To Zero” have been published. This the second time for the publishing company initially printed this many. The volume will be shipped out this Friday.

One Piece manga is being called one of the most popular manga because of its wide range of fan. Not only One Piece is famous in Japan and Asia it also have a very large fan in the States.

One Piece Volume 65; “To Zero” Summary:
As the Straw Hats continue to fight the New Fishman Pirates' officers, Luffy stops Shirahoshi from sacrificing herself and fly up to the Noah with her and Fukaboshi. Hody betrays Vander Decken and defeats him before challenging Luffy. As Luffy fights with Hody, Decken falls unconscious, destroying the bubble.

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