Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Queen's Blade: Rebellion Promo

Its super cool when japan and their fans so appreciate with their anime. It can be describe that anime is one of their culture now so they take it pretty serious. A new Queen's Blade anime franchise, Queen's Blade: Rebellion will be out soon. So for anime lover and anybody that follow the previous Queen's Blade anime should see the promo video that they have release. The official website for Queen's Blade anime is here

The promotional video introduces the series' new lead character, Annelotte (CV: Aya Endo), the rebelling knight princess who leads the army that stands up to the tyranny of the new queen. The story is set four years after the first Queen's Blade storyline.

A new director, Yousei Morino (I''s, Kaky┼źsei 2), is helming the third series at the studio ARMS, but Hideki Shirone is returning from Queen's Blade : Beautiful Fighters. Animation directors Takayuki Noguchi and Yukiko Ishibashi now join Rin-Sin on the character design duties.

Queen's Blade: Rebellion will premier this April.

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