Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kamen Rider Meteor Storm Unveiled

As a fan for any Kamen Rider series, everybody love to watch them upgrade their power and weapons. In the next episode, Kamen Rider Meteor will get it upgrade. Kamen Rider Meteor will upgrade and turn into Kamen Rider Meteor Storm. The news of Kamen Rider Meteor Storm is already leaks months ago via toys catalog.

To transform into Kamen Rider Meteor Storm, Ryuusei utilizes the Meteor Storm Astro Switch that would inserted to the Meteor Driver's switch slot. Its primary weapon is the HakkouKaiten Meteor Storm Shaft.

In the toys catalog also show the new Kamen Rider Fourze's new Astro Switch. Astro Switch No.37 Gyro, which can be activated via the Square slot. It can be used with the new Foodroid, Nagejaroika.

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